Locksmith Plantation FL

Locksmith Plantation FL

Locksmith Plantation FL , Do you need locksmith services in Plantation? 24 locksmith solutions are professional locksmiths with years of experience offering home locksmith service, commercial and automotive locksmith services. We are a team of highly trained locksmiths who are able to respond to all kinds of locksmith services including emergency lock out services that are prompt and efficient.

Locksmith Plantation FL

Residential / House Locksmith Plantation

Locksmith Plantation FL

Are you looking to add a deadbolt to the house front door? We understand that your home is your refuge and shelter, and you want maximum security for you and your family. That is why we offer professional security solutions with high-quality top brand security locks.

We offer locks change. If you feel that your locks are not adequate to changed security circumstances, we can install new more secure locks. We can install locks on both outer and inner doors, as well as secure outside structures like the garage shed.

We do locks rekeying for old and loose door locks. We know that changing locks in an entire house could be a big cost. That is why we offer professional rekeying services to make old locks work as good as new.

If you are locked out of your house, we can get you out with our house lockout locksmith team. This is a  rapid response team that can be at your house in less than 15 minutes. This team is able to secure access without damaging your house.

We can repair damaged locks on different doors in the house. If a lock is malfunctioning because of a broken key, our team is able to do broken key extraction without damaging your lock.

Some of the questions we frequently get  about residential locksmith services include:

  • Do I need to know the type of locks when asking for assistance?

No. we do not expect you to know the lock type or how it works. Our professional locksmiths will easily identify any type of lock in the market and diagnose the problem.

  • How fast is the locksmith?

Different types of locks have different complexities in the locking mechanism. Our locksmiths can work on traditional locks in 20-30 minutes. More modern locks take a bit longer but generally will be open in under 1 hour.

  • Will there be damage to the locks or doors?

No. our locksmiths depend on specialized lock defeating tools. It is only after all methods have been tried that the locksmith will drill the lock, which will then need replacing.

What scenarios would require a  residential locksmith?

  • New home purchase – It is important to change the locks and customize your security
  • Roommate vacation – If you share a house with someone and they vacate, you may need to change the locks
  • Lost keys
  • Damaged keys
  • Caretaker entry – If you are a caretaker and the tenant has refused to cooperate to access the house.

Commercial / Business Locksmith Plantation

Locksmith Plantation FL

Is the security at your business premises up to the task of keeping away people with malicious intent? Securing your business from both outsiders and insiders is very important. 24 locksmith solutions offer professional commercial locksmith services to respond to the security needs of your business.

We do locks change for different doors which may be compromised or damaged. It is important to note that an estimated 45% of theft at the workplace is committed by employees who should not have access.

We do locks rekey for business premises, which can be a big money-saving tactic when you need to improve security in a big building. The rekeyed locks have their internal mechanisms fixed tight and working as new.

We also offer business lockout service. This is a common request by people who lose keys to the building’s locks. Our locksmiths will respond quickly to your call for assistance lockout and can have your place of work open in less than 30 minutes.

Automotive / Car Locksmith Plantation

Locksmith Plantation FL

Do you need car key replacement? Our able locksmiths are capable of replacing lost or damaged car keys. Our automotive locksmiths are able to replace car keys for most of the car brands in the market today among them Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover and many others.

We do car key programming. This is to add a level of security to your car. The transponder ensures that the right key is in the ignition. Only then can the car start. This protects your car against hotwiring. You will also need transponder programming if you have replaced your car keys, or cut a duplicate.

Our professional automotive team has helped hundreds of people gain access to their locked out cars. Our car lockout team will usually get on site in less than 15 minutes, and get access to the car in less than 30 minutes. This is all done without damaging your car.

Do you require emergency lockout services? Our standby team is available 24/7 to assist with all your locksmith needs. Call 24 locksmith service for anytime you need us.

Locksmith Plantation FL