Locksmith Pompano Beach FL

Locksmith Pompano Beach FL

Does your home need a change of locks? Have you suffered a house lockout? 24 Locksmith service offers home locksmith service as well as commercial premises and cars. We are a team of experienced locksmiths who are conversant with any type of lock in the market. We offer emergency lockout services for residential, commercial and automotive emergencies.  If you need emergency lockout services anywhere in Locksmith Pompano Beach FL, we will be there in less than 15 minutes in all of The area

locksmith Pompano beach fl.


Residential Locksmith  In PomPano Beach FL

Do you need to replace a broken lock in your house or garage shed? We offer locks change for main doors and internal doors, both wood and metallic. Our range of residential locks is extensive, suitable for placing on different doors around the house.

We also install new locks depending on the security needs of the client. Different doors with access from different areas will require locks of different strengths. We assist with a security audit to see how best to secure both doors and windows.


If you have old locks that are malfunctioning, you do not have to replace them. We can do locks rekey to tighten the internal mechanism of the locks and have them working properly again. If you are renovating big old house with many locks, this can save you good money call locksmith in broward county .

If you find that you are accidentally locked out of your house, we have a house lockout team that can help you regain entry in a short time. This team can get to you in 15 minutes. The experienced locksmiths on the lockout team are able to defeat a wide range of residential locks.  They use the specialized lock picking tools and depend on years of experience to defeat the lock.  Your lock and door will not be damaged by lock picking.

We always advise our customers to use our residential locksmith services in the event of:

  • A house burglary
  • Moving into a new house
  • Moving out of a roommate
  • A rise in insecurity in the neighborhood

Commercial Locksmith In PomPano Beach FL

Has your area of business suffered increased burglaries? It is always wise to use a commercial locksmith pompano beach fl to boost the security of your business premises. 24 Locksmith service offers locks installation services as per the security needs of your area. We can work with you to do a security assessment to see what kind of commercial locks you need. We work with the top names in commercial security to offer top-notch security locks.

We do locks change in case you feel that the security of your premises has been compromised. This could happen, for example, when an employee leaves and carries the keys. If you have loose locks, we can do locks rekey to make the locks work better again. This is a money saving tactic for a large business building.

When you or your employees get locked out of your business premises, we offer business lockout emergency services to regain entry and keep your business moving. This is done in non-destructive ways so that you do not suffer losses.

24 Locksmith Solutions – Automotive Locksmith Pompano Beach FL

How secure is your car? Do you need to change the locks or ignition on your car? We have automotive locksmiths that are conversant with car locks and ignitions of all major car brands in the market. We offer car key replacement services for lost or damaged keys. We cut keys as you wait.

We also do car key programming to add a layer of digital security to your car, ensuring that your car is not easily hotwired. You will also need to program new or duplicate car keys. We also do car fob replacement. We will old programmed key fobs on the car’s onboard computer so that they do not work and compromise your car’s security.


If your ignition is damaged, we offer repair and replacement. We can also extract car keys that are broken and stuck in the ignition.

If you accidentally lock yourself out of the car, we have an emergency car lockout service to assist you to regain entry fast. This is done without damaging the car’s door or trunk. Our automotive locksmiths are conversant with all common car brands including Mercedes-Benz Key Replacement, Mini, Audi Key Replacement, BMW Key Replacement, Mitsubishi Key Replacement, Nissan Key Replacement , Subaru Key Replacement, Suzuki Key Replacement, KIA Key Replacement, GMC Key Replacement , Chevy Key Replacement, Hummer Car Key Replacement, Hyundai Car Key Replacement ,Acura Key Replacement, Honda Car Key Replacement, Jeep Car Key Replacement, Chrysler Car Key Replacement, Ford Car Key Replacement, Doge Car Key Replacement, Lexus Car Key Replacement, and Car Key Replacement Toyota.

You do not need to know the make of your car’s locks. At locksmith pompano beach fl Our automotive specialists have the tools to work on many of the cars on the roads today.

Are you faced with a residential, commercial or automotive lockout? Our rapid response team of emergency lockout locksmiths can come to your rescue in as little as 15 minutes. Call anytime 24/7 and you are guaranteed a quick response.

Why use 24 Locksmith service?

  • Professional and experienced locksmiths
  • Rapid response
  • Honest assessments

For any locksmith services in Pompano Beach area & locksmith in broward county &  feel free to call us.

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