Locksmith Sunrise FL

Locksmith Sunrise FL

Locksmith sunrise fl

Do you need home locksmith services in Sunrise? 24 locksmith service is a professional locksmith service offering residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services in Sunrise. We are a team of experienced locksmiths offering all types of lock related services including key cutting and duplication, lock rekeying, lock installation and repair. We offer residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services for buildings of all sizes. We have a standby team for emergency lockout services who can be at your service in less than 15 minutes.

Residential locksmith services

Do you need new locks on your doors and windows? We have a wide range of the latest locking technologies. We can do locks change to upgrade your old and dated locks, for a security upgrade. We install high-security residential locks on both wooden and metallic doors.  We also assess the security needs of your other structures like the garage shed to secure with appropriate locks. We work with the best security brands to ensure that the client is getting the best.

If you want to save money on locks, we can do locks rekeying to prolong the service of your existing locks. This revamps the working of the locks’ internal mechanisms to make it tighter and working almost brand new. If you have many locks, this is a money saving tactic, especially for inner door locks.

We also offer house lockout rescue services. If you have accidentally left your keys locked in the house, or misplaced them, we can help you regain access in a short time. Our standby team is there to respond fast and will be at your house in less than 15 minutes. These experienced locksmiths can get the typical residential lock open in 20 minutes.

We do not use destructive methods like breaking the window to get in. Our locksmiths are knowledgeable and have special tools to open the typical lock without damaging the lock or the door.

Commercial locksmith service

Does your warehouse require new industrial locks? Do you need to restrict access to different areas of your business premises for specific employees? These are locking challenges that we can help you solve. Our experienced locksmiths can help you do a security audit of your business premises to identify where to place what type of lock. We can do locks change for areas that need improved security and install more robust locks.

We do lock repair for malfunctioning locks and cut out old rusted padlocks that are no longer in use. But we can also do locks rekey and extend the lifespan of your locks. This is would work well for a low-security need premises. You can save good money by rekeying your locks instead of buying brand new locks. Rekeying involves rewinding the internal mechanisms to make the lock tighter.

If you are locked out of your business premises for any reason, we can help you regain access to the premises quickly. Our business lockout rescue team can get to where you are in less than 15 minutes and regain access in a short time.

Automotive locksmith service

Are your car keys lost or accidentally locked in the trunk? We can help you access your car again using our car lockout rescue services. We have an experienced team of car locksmiths that are conversant with different car locks.

We do car key replacement for all popular car models. This is a fast cut-as-you-wait service that takes less than 10 minutes to produce a duplicate key. We also repair and replace ignition switches and cylinders.

We do car key programming to add a layer of digital security for your car. Programming authorizes a specific key to open and switch on the car. Even if a master key is used, the car cannot start without being recognized by the car’s onboard computer. This also secures your car against theft by hotwiring.

Our car lockout rescue team comprises of automotive locksmiths who have extensive experience working on locks of all popular car models including Toyota, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Dodge, GMC, Hummer, Subaru, Suzuki, Hyundai, Nissan, and KIA.

24 locksmith service is a 24/7 operation that will come to your assistance quickly and work out the most efficient and timely solution to your security lock needs. Some of the FAQs that we hear from our clients include:

  • How fast does the emergency lockout rescue team get here?

Our standby team can deploy to any area in Sunrise within 15 minutes. The duration to get your locks open depends on the type of lock, taking 20-40 minutes for residential and commercial locks.  Car locks are typically opened in less than 10 minutes.

  • Do I need to replace the locks?

Our experienced locksmiths take great care to open the locks in a non-destructive manner. We use specialized lock picking tools. There is also the long experience of working with different locks.